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Ball Hockey Registration Is Open!
Sunday, 04 January 2009

Happy New Year! and we trust you all enjoyed wonderful holiday season. With the turn on the new year we inch closer to the start of another summer season.

Ball hockey interest reaches a fever pitch when the first few warm days of spring finally arrive. Is it the sun, or the first few bits of pollen in the air that gets our juices going, or perhaps just the anticipation of a summer filled with ball hockey excitement and the hunt for a house league or provincial championship. 

Maybe, just maybe, this will be the year. What ever drives you, enjoy it, and we wish everyone good fortune with it. For us it is the opportunities we create for our members to experience the game at various levels of competition, the grand old stories that will be born for players to share for years to come. It is a thread that binds you to your teammates forever. There is little in life that develops such strong and lasting comradarie.

We look forward to seeing the wide-eyed smiles on the faces of the children who will be playing in our local Tri Cities Ball Hockey League and then adorn a medal of their own at the conclusion of the season.

Right now we hope you can join us, as a player, coach, assistant coach, or even just as a spectator who loves this game.

We look forward to seeing you around the rinks.


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